What is a Green bike?

Green bike is a true bicycle sharing system in Slovakia, providing citizens with the option of short-term bicycle rentals on short routes around the town.

How does it work?

The whole system is very simple.

  • Sign in via Facebook account or Green bike account
  • Agree to the processing of personal data
  • Agree to general terms of reference
  • Account authorization via SMS
  • Choose the way you want to pay for the bike rentals
  • Green bike rental from the stand
  • Return the bicycle to one of the green stands
How many bicycles do you have?

There are in total 103 green bikes available in Prievidza and Bojnice, and it's up to you to which one you borrow. At any given time, one person can borrow only one bicycle.

How does a Green bike look?

The green bicycle is green in color and is a town model from 2015. As it comes without a top tube, it is comfortable to be ridden by both genders. The bicycles are equipped with a 3-speed gearshift, a rear coaster brake, front brake, front / rear reflectors, stand, lock and basket. Each green bike is marked with a logo and a unique ID number.

Where can I borrow the bicycles?

In Prievidza and Bojnice there are currently almost 30 stands marked for green bikes. More in this map..

How can I start using the bicycles?

You need to sign in with your Facebook account or Green bike account to use the service. When using the service for the first time you need to authorize your account by a SMS code. If you do not have a Facebook or Green bike account, you can get it free of charge via quick registration.

From what age is the registration allowed?

From 16 years old.

How much does it cost?

The rental price varies depending on the program you choose.
More information in the price list.

Do I have to choose only a monthly rate program?

No, you do not have to choose any program, especially if you cycle only occasionally, you can simply use a one-off ride and payment via SMS.

Where and how to pay?

The fee is payable based on an issued invoice, which is sent to your e-mail inbox. You can find your payment history in your profile. The payment is possible either by bank card, internet banking or personally at a bank by depositing on our account. The one-off payment for a single ride is deducted from your phone credit or added to your mobile operator's flat rate program.

How long can I borrow a green bike?

The length of time you can borrow a green bike varies as per the program you use.

Can I borrow a green bike more times per one day?

Yes, for example, with a monthly fee you have up to 1,000 minutes a month. You can go to your work place in the morning and return the bike to the stand. After work, you can get another green bike, cycle around the town and arrange what you need. After that you can cycle home and in the evening, you can borrow another green bike and cycle to see you friends instead of driving a car.

What if I do not have enough free daily minutes?

If you spend all the free minutes, you can buy another program or make a one-off payment via SMS.

Can I lend a green bike to another person?

No, lending a green bike to another person is considered a serious violation of the general terms of reference, even if that person is registered in our system.

Can I return the green bike outside of the green stand?

No, in order for the system to work, it is necessary to return the bicycles to the labeled stands so they can be used by other cyclists.

Do I need a helmet and a vest?

By law, a biker older than 15 years of age is required to use a bicycle helmet only while riding outside the town / village, but in the interests of one’s own safety, it is advisable to wear one during each ride. We recommend wearing a reflective vest as well, though it is required by law only in the case of reduced visibility. Currently we do not provide this safety equipment, so you need to obtain them by yourselves.

Do I need lights?

A cyclist is legally obliged to have a white light in front and a red backlight while cycling in reduced visibility. Currently we do not provide this safety equipment, so you need to obtain them by yourselves.

Can I ride the bicycle if I drink alcohol?

As of January 2017, the law says that if a cyclist rides in an urban area, they may have 0.05% of alcohol in the blood. However, we prefer zero alcohol tolerance. Riding under the influence of alcohol is considered a serious violation of the general terms of reference.

What if I do not have a mobile phone with the internet?

It’s not a problem. There is no need to own a mobile phone with internet from 2017. To rent a bike just send an SMS or use the smart card.

What should I do if I get a flat tyre or have some other problem with the bike?

Get off of the bike, lock it to the nearest green stand and report the problem through your account or phone: +421 (0) 944 25 21 25.

What if my bike is stolen?

In the event of a theft, you must immediately call the police and inform us on our phone number +421 (0) 944 25 21 25. You may be charged for caused damage as per the general terms of reference.

Are my personal data protected?

Yes, we protect your personal data according to the current law. You can read more about it in the Privacy section.

Do you think about bike sharing in your town? Leave us your contact and we'll get in touch with you.